The Hand Refrains

08-09-2017 – 06-10-2017

The Hand Refrains assesses the relationship between artists, their work and the viewer.

The group exhibition shows different approaches to artworks using figuration. In the pieces, figures are not only depicted, the artworks themselves actively become figures, by assuming the position of the artist’s avatar or that of a creature looking back at you.

“The hand refrains” is also a quote from the 1922 William Morris poem about the legendary artist Pygmalion and his relationship to Galatea.


Stefan Fuchs
Erholungsraum Stadt 2017 I-III

Acrylic, canvas, acrystal, wood / Acrystal, wood.


Carl Mannov

Untitled, 2017 I-IV

Oil pastel and lacquer on cotton.


Evelyn Plaschg

The Species of Approachers (Figure 1), 2017 (bar)

Watercolour on cotton.

The Species of Approachers (Anja), 2017

Watercolour on cotton.


Laura Yuile

Family Figure #2 2017

Peppermint and eucalyptus soap,

dust and dirt from “The Street”, Westfield Stratford,

lint from my neighbour’s clothing, pumice powder, steel,

chair from Lukas’ and Titania’s studio

water, glass wax, small chrome shelving unit,

small red sofa, small hi-fi system,

small kitchen sink unit, small toilet.