Orsolya Bajusz / Laura Yuile

16-10-2013 – 30-10-2013

Orsolya Bajusz and Laura Yuiles often work together. They do not go by any
conjoined name, have not constructed themselves as a brand and even the
disadvantage that this almost certainly puts them at in a creative economy
in which such things are considered a minimum requirement is a challenge
which they welcome as an essential tension from which to work. This
dynamic recurs in all of their collaborations, process, flow and blockage
are for them primary materials, and they wilfully discard surplus ideas and
methodologies to get down to the physical and practical, as they say to
‘the pipes in the ground’ in which they are both literally and figuratively
interested. The pair work from basic principles, eschewing definitions of
role and terminologies which might make them easier to apprehend, artists,
academics, producers, participants or instigators; they occupy these roles
when necessary and never when not. For one piece of work they sent out
five totally different calls for participation. It is methods like this
which allow systemic hierarchies to be destabilised and disrupted but most
of all to be made evident. Spaces are held and occupied, times are set but
terms are absurdly and resolutely undefined. By setting boundaries and
limitations as they did when holding an artistic symposium in Ikea’s
showrooms or running a nail salon in an art gallery the duo allow the
simultaneous continuity and split-ness of subjects and situations in time
to become clear. The elephant in the room and the Emperor’s new clothes
appear and disappear. The multiplication and adaptation of Yuiles and
Bajusz own selves in the situations they construct is not precious, it is,
as their work highlights, just what all selves do. Transformation is both
risk and damage as well as triumph.