Garlands of Repose

01-09-2018 – 09-11-2018


Lindsay Lawson

Katharina Monka

Céline Struger



Prentend you’re wandering through a park, lost in in thought. You’re so lost in thought you hardly notice the kids hanging out on the lawn, the trees with their burnt-up leaves, already an orange brown, the chique breeds of dogs leading their owners around. From time to time you will look up from your inward gaze, or your phone perhaps, and almost run into something. You will be momentarily confronted with what lies outside of yourself: A fountain, for example, or another person, and their appearance will be surprising to you and unexpected. The moment will pass, as
you continue your rounds through the park.



Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturförderung des Bezirks Landstrasse.