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04-04-2013 – 24-04-2013


Martyn Reynolds performs:

Schindler’s Park Jurassic List

18-04-2013 – 20:00

Dear Lukas,
Originally, my intention was to ask you about your work as you may see it now, with some distance, to judge it, so to speak, both retrospectively and in terms of its prospects and heritage. But I know – you told me so again a few days ago – it does not interest you, it never did, to go back to what you already made. However, there is in you a sort of paradox from this point of view and this is where, if you agree, I would like to start this question. Because it seems to me, that within your work, language needs a place more than it needs a subject. It appears to propose that to speak about ourselves does not require a deep inquiry into our individual past that led to a particular being, or to find the right order for the string of moments that constitutes a personal contingency. That we shall not venture down the dendritic paths of our memory lane to make sense of ourselves, but instead explore the hybrid territories of material and networked spaces until the individual logic emerges. In that sense, is this to be understood in a way that our goal, in a very general sense, should not be to find the right words to make sense of our place in the world, but instead to find the place where our words automatically start to make sense?
With kind regards,
Guido Bored
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