17.01.2020 until 21.03.2020


Toby Christian

Paul Knight

Gianna Virginia Prein

Vika Prokopaviciute


Three messengers:

One is outfitted with bags on both shoulders, all stuffed with letters, tied together in neat packages, scrolls covered in tight lines of writing, and with small parcels and boxes. The larger packages he carries under his arms and in his hands.

The second one wears the messages on his sleeves, his jacket, he is dressed in information tailored to his shape, giving a physical presence to formless thoughts.

The third messenger is inconspicuous. He knows the message by heart, over and over he repeats it to himself until he becomes message embodied. What we receive in the end is only partly up to him, a game of Chinese Whispers. As he points in a direction, his lips closed and smiling, our gaze follows his outstretched forefinger.


Toby Christian (b. Boston, UK, 1983) lives and works in London.
He recently exhibited at Alessandro Albanese, Milan; Celine, Glasgow; PEER, London; Swimming Pool, Sofia; Chelsea College of Art, London; Copperfield Gallery, London. He graduated from the Royal Academy Schools and the Wimbledon College of Art.
He has published two books with Koenig Books, a third one to be released in 2020.


Paul Knight (b. Sydney, AUS, 1976) lives and works in Berlin.
He recently exhibited at McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park, Australia; Neon Parc, Brunswick, was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in the UK and has been a recipient the Anne and Gorgon Samstag Traveling Art Scholarship. He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.
In 2019 he published “jump into bed with me” with Perimeter Editions.


Gianna Virginia Prein (b. Siegen, DE, 1990) lives and works in Vienna.
She recently exhibited at Kubatur des Kabinetts, Vienna; Notgalerie, Vienna; GOMO at Parallel, Vienna; ___Tim Nolas, Vienna; Lumen Studios, London; Tate, London.
She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.
She has released several self published artist books, her latest publication “motion sickness“ produced with Katrin Euller will be published in 2020.


Vika Prokopaviciute (b. Vilnius, LTU, 1983) lives and works in Vienna.
She recently exhibited at Skulpturinstitut, Vienna; Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna; Belvedere 21, Vienna; Kunstverein Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt; Pilot, Vienna; Francesca Pia, Zürich. She graduated from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and the Samara University of Architecture and Engineering.