Josip Novosel – Tasty Nude Photography


14-03-2014 – 28-03.2014



including “King Doom” (2010)
a video by
Jonathan Penca, Wendell Seitz & Charlotte Simon




Tasty Nude Photography is a drawn line. It draws something that allows you to see from a different point of view. A represented reality hits against a value that you can call desire. In Tasty Nude photography your pornographic view of seeing tits changes. Tits are Landscapes. Homeless persons are landscapes. Exotic minorities become landscapes. Landscapes in the meaning of distance.

You only see the landscape if you’re not in the landscape. You need distance to see the bigger picture. A Tasteful Nude is a distance pornography. your aesthetical experience is tightened up to boundaries. In a sculpture this experience works in the same way. You can see a dick you can also touch it but your expectations are not getting fulfilled. It gives you the impression of a soft skin, of a gigantic pulse. But its only old stone. You are getting very tasteful watching nudes. You are also getting tasteful watching landscapes. You decided to look outside of the thing called reality.

Tools like photoshop are useful things to learn how to do even more tasteful things. After researching finding a proper description of calibrating an object in a black white photograph in colour, I didn’t find anything. This technique is an old one. Old postcard coloured by hand. Or something else.

I would almost call this gesture a paradox. You try to make the photograph as real as possible. With just making one specific thing coloured. Imagine a tasty still life. Grapes and Wine maybe some roses and candles.

Everything is in black and white. Trying to speak to you, honest as it can. But just the roses are red. They should be red. They have to be red. Then there is no other choice than to give you the impression of red roses that want to love you or seduce you.

Bronze Steel or stone marble monuments are doing the same as a copy and paste gesture. Analog Photoshop that wants to remember the state of time. The state of bodies and of course the reality that got manipulated by the maker. Instead of your ugly nose, your nose is so big that nobody would even dare to question the beauty of it. The hands are bigger. Maybe a sword or completely naked because gods are not dependent on any fashion.

The striking value of showing both is this drawn line between these things that you want to call authentic or real or something else that your tasteful mind wants to do.

(J. Novosel, 2014)


Fotos: Josip Novosel