Dario Wokurka – 3 Sculptures for Vienna

15-10-2015 – 13-11-2015

a space that can lead somewhere else, implicitly
one possibility grafted onto another impossibility,
comes in a fold, possibly misread as a hold,
the cold of some basement or a cloud-like grayish garment.
if there has to be a future, this is where it will
break the prediction curves that necessarily get
pulled out of poor waters while the acknowledgement
of the curve might be of a limping beauty. this is nonsense,
or somewhat of a non-sequitur, but meditate for once on the
insistence or non-insistence on mediated understanding and
how it can so readily be exploited as a tool of and for exploitation,
the screwdriver of erudite perspective that turns its head and
watches them getting screwed, exclaiming that
their needs and desires as well as activities are laboriously
fabricated by mineralogical existence while these minerals
themselves only get empowered or animated by assignment,
not by volition, distinct from volume, which has
not yet been reconsidered as it may or may not be real.
really, activities could also be considered as having a volume,
accommodating varying valencies, contentment and weariness.
if their curves are embedded in the curve- making process,
the waves might regain their superfluous liquidity.

(Dario Wokurka, 2015)