a groupshow with works by
Martin Chramosta
Isa Schieche
Stefan Wirnsperger

2.7.2022 – 26.8.2022

OPENING: 2.7.2022, 3-7pm

S for Solitude
S for the seduction of materials we frisk with our bulging eyes
S for the hiss of a snake

O for Omission
O for the other and the same, in the sense that a model can be of something, but also for something
O for the shape you make with your mouth to kiss a head-shaped flute sculpture

D for Deal
D for the demand to read an object both as how it appears and everything else it implies beyond itself
D for the drum beat of the rubber underneath the soles of our bouncing feet as we jump up up up

A is for Amnesia
A for among, when we find ourselves as one of many
A for the sound of recognition we make when everything is looking back at us

Martin Chramosta, (*1982, Zurich CH) lives and works between Vienna and Basel.
He recently exhibited at Vitrine Gallery; Basel, Künstlerhaus im Taxipalais, Bregenz; Stiege 13, Vienna; Horizont Gallery, Budapest; Kunsthaus Baselland; Rinomin, Paris; LLLLL, Vienna; Kunsthalle Basel; Haus Wien; Jeune Création 68, Paris; NCCA Kaliningrad.
He graduated from the Institut Kunst, HGK Basel.

Isa Schieche (*1988, Ried im Innkreis AT) lives and works in Vienna and Raab and Haag am Hausruck.
She recently exhibited at KIT, Düsseldorf; Salzamt, Linz; 2.27.7 club, Kazan; Sonneundsolche, Düsseldorf; Artspace Luisenhöhe, Haag am Hausruck; Fonda, Leipzig; Sinkhole Project, Vienna.
She graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Stefan Wirnsperger (*1985, Tamsweg AT) lives and works in Vienna.
He recently exhibited at Tabakfabrik, Linz; Parallel, Vienna; Cité International des Arts, Paris; Galerie 5020, Salzburg.
He graduated from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.